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Cardio Equipment

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  • FFitTech

    RUN T-100 Treadmill Run

    MSRP: $5,225.00

    FFITTECH Run-T100 Treadmill The Treadmill RUN-T100 offers users a friendly and comfortable workout experience whilst boasting a sleek modern design. With running and walking being the …

  • HCI Fitness

    Airtek HIIT Air Bike

    MSRP: $2,000.00

    Airtek HIIT Air Bike The AirTEK HIIT Air Bike uses smooth air resistance to provide an efficient workout. The Air Bike uses an innovative 25" Aero-Fan with steel fan blades and a single sta…

  • Body Sport

    Body Sport Equipment Mat

    MSRP: $35.00

    Body Sport Equipment Mat Perfect for treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines and more. Reduces vibrations and noises caused by fitness equipment. Protects your floor surface from da…

  • CE900 Elliptical Trainer

    MSRP: $5,699.00

    CE900 ELLIPTICAL Workout comfort and performance were top of mind when the CE900 Elliptical was developed. From stride length and hand grips to pedal placement and flywheel inertia, this el…

  • Spirit Fitness

    CR900 Recumbent Bike

    MSRP: $3,999.00

    CR900 RECUMBENT BIKE Built to last, the CR Semi-Recumbent Bike takes workout ease and comfort to a new level. Step-through design makes it easy for all users to enter and exit the bike. Mol…

  • CT850 Treadmill

    MSRP: $4,799.00

    CT850 Treadmill There are several keys areas that define a well designed treadmill. All Spirit Fitness models offer comfortable belts and cushioning systems, convenient storage and adjustme…

  • Spirit Fitness

    CU900 Upright bike

    MSRP: $3,699.00

    CU900 UPRIGHT BIKE Upright Bike boasts features that provide users with precise fit and function and a beautiful console to track performance. The seat height securely locks and adjusts at …

  • Cubii Jr.


    Cubii Jr. A seated elliptical which lets you get a workout in without sacrificing time. Features a built in display monitor to track your workouts. (This version is NOT bluetooth enabled) …

  • Cubii Pro


    Cubii Jr. Next level seated elliptical for any home or office. Fully equipped with bluetooth capabilities to connect to the Cubii mobile app and sync to Fitbit and Apple HealthKit. Ships im…

  • Keiser

    Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle

    MSRP: $1,995.00

    Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Award-winning, third-generation, indoor cycle from Keiser. The result of more than a decade of research and manufacturing experience, and developed with the collabora…

  • Nustep T4R Recumbent Cross Trainer 45000

    MSRP: $5,050.00

    NuStep T4R Recumbent Cross Trainer All New T4r provides a smooth and natural motion that delivers a low impact, inclusive, total-body cardiovascular and strengthening workout for virtually …

  • HCI Fitness

    PhysioStep LXT Recumbent Linear Step Cross Trainer

    MSRP: $4,000.00

    PhysioStep LXT Recumbent Linear Step Cross Trainer The new 2016 PhysioStep LXT Recumbent Linear Cross Trainer was proudly designed & developed in the USA to help a diverse range of peop…

  • HCI Fitness

    PhysioStep PRO Recumbent Stepper Cross Trainer

    MSRP: $5,800.00

    PhysioStep PRO Recumbent Stepper Cross Trainer The all new PhysioStep PRO Recumbent Stepper Cross Trainer is the newest addition to HCI Fitness’ commercial line of rehabilitation exer…

  • PhysioStep RXT - Recumbent Elliptical

    Was: $3,795.00
    Now: $3,295.00

    PhysioStep RXT Recumbent Elliptical Cross Trainer The PhysioStep RXT – Recumbent Elliptical Cross Trainer provides a stress – free, effective and low – impact total body w…





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