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Medicine Balls

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  • Aeromat

    Aeromat Dual Grip Power Medicine Ball

    $75.00 - $85.00

    Aeromat Dual Grip Power Medicine Balls are patented rubber-covered handle design. Dual grips provide versatility for more function and core training. Not designed for bouncing exercises. Gre…

  • Body Sport

    Body Sport Double Grip Medicine Ball

    $49.00 - $125.00

    Body Sport Double Grip Medicine Ball  Double Grip Fabulous Medicine Balls Body Sport Double Grip Medicine Balls enhance strength and build endurance by isolating specific muscle g…

  • Body Sport

    Body Sport Medicine Ball

    $27.00 - $80.00

    A Fresh Spin on Core & Torso Strength Training A complete workout for your core and your torso, two of the most crucial areas in the human muscular system. These Medicine Balls are idea…

  • Sale

    Body Sport

    Body Sport Medicine Ball Rack XL

    Was: $320.00
    Now: $299.00

    Holds 16 medicine balls of any weight. Rotating tiers (4) provide easy access. Space-saving design is perfect for club or retail use. Dimensions H 52 in x W 11 in x D 15 in Hol…

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    Burst Resistant Exercise Ball - 65 cm

    Was: $29.95
    Now: $25.50

    Burst Resistant Exercise Ball - Yellow - 65 cm DYNA ANTI-BURST BALL * Constructed of a durable burst-resistant material featuring a ribbed non slip surface * Easily used in workouts by user…

  • Sale


    CanDo Dual-Handle Medicine Ball 5-piece set

    Was: $375.00
    Now: $349.00

    5-piece set (Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black) The 9 inch diameter CanDo® Dual-Handle Medicine Ball is Ideal for abdominal training, rotational movement and strength training, the dual, …

  • Sale


    Champion Deluxe Ball Tree Rack

    Was: $120.00
    Now: $89.00

    The Champion Sports Deluxe Ball Tree Rack can hold medicine balls that are at least 7" in diameter. Double Rack holds up to 10 medicine balls. Available in Black or White. Shipping: Fixe…

  • Dynamax

    Dynamax Medicine Ball

    $94.00 - $139.00

    Incorporate a Dynamax Medicine Ball into your workout or exercise routine and you'll see multiple strength training benefits. Features Absorbs high-velocity impact. Impact-absorbin…

  • Core Products

    Omni Massage Roller


    Omni Massage Roller The Omni Massage products feature the unique “omni-directional” ball, which combines superior function with ease of use. The comfortable grip reduces stress a…

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    Was: $70.00
    Now: $63.00

    SPRI STEDIBALL 65 CM Combines a world-class slow-deflate stability ball with a dynamic stabilizing material that adds 2.2 lbs of weight to your stability ball practices. The stabilizing mate…

  • Body Sport

    Tire Tread Slam Ball

    $25.00 - $99.00

    Body Sport Tire Tread Slam Balls  Traditional Medicine Ball Transformed Take your medicine ball workout to the next level with a Body Sport Slam Ball. Constructed with a cork-free…





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