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  • Acuball

    Acuball Heatable Massage Ball

    MSRP: $30.00

    Dr. Cohen's Acuball Heatable Massage Ball The AcuBall’s patented design features apply 100% natural acupressure and heat: relaxes tight muscles, enhances joint movement, reduces …

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    Custom Craftworks

    Custom Craftworks 45 Piece Basalt Hot Stone Set

    Was: $199.00
    Now: $149.95

    45 Piece Basalt Hot Stone Set Features Set of 45 real basalt stones in an assortment of sizes. Comes in a stylish wooden case for easy transport and storage. Perfect for use with the 6-…

  • FitBALL Stress Buster Ball


    FitBALL Stress Buster Ball Our firmest sensory ball. Pictured in Orange. 30-Day warranty. Since 1991, Ball Dynamics has been helping improve your core strength, flexibility, balance, postur…

  • Hot Stone Massage 50 Piece Set with Manual and DVD

    MSRP: $169.99

    Hot Stone Massage 50 Piece Set with Manual & DVD The perfect natural stone set to work on all parts of the body. Stones gain a polished look when used with oil and overtime the …

  • Hyperice

    Hyperice Hypervolt Case


    Slim and sleek, the Hypervolt Case provides lightweight protection to store and carry your Hypervolt. Custom inlay holds the Hypervolt, 4 head attachments and battery charger. The Hypervolt…

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    Hypervolt Case

    Was: $70.00
    Now: $59.95

    Hypervolt Case Slim and sleek, the Hypervolt Case provides lightweight protection to store and carry your Hypervolt. Custom inlay holds the Hypervolt, 4 head attachments and battery charger…

  • Sale

    Intracell Stiff Stick Massage Stick

    Was: $55.00
    Now: $46.50

    Intracell Stiff Stick Massage Stick Most rigid of the medium models. It offers deep penetration into heavy muscle mass and is often used to elevate performance during resistance training. P…

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    Power Vibrating Massage Ball

    Was: $45.00
    Now: $39.00

    With 3 speeds of varying vibration to provide a calming, relaxing massage effect on the low setting to an intensely powerful deep-tissue massage on the high setting. Over 2 hours of use easi…

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    Prossage Soft Tissue Warming Massage Oil

    $13.99 - $84.29

    PROSSAGE™ Heat Soft Tissue Therapy Features: A 100% natural, therapeutic warming ointment for myofascial release, deep- tissue work and trigger-point therapy. Developed spe…

  • Rocktape

    RockBalls Infinity


    RockBalls Infinity consists of a pair of 2.5˝ diameter rubber massage balls fused together, providing dual-action relief for sore muscles and joints. It can be rolled down the spine to allev…

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    RockBalls Massage Balls

    Was: $21.95
    Now: $19.00

    RockBalls Massage Balls Sold in pairs, after all, two is better than one. The textured 3.5' ball and the smooth 2.5' ball are both designed to provide direct, manipulation of the …

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    Beastie Ball Two Pack

    RumbleRoller Original Beastie Ball

    Was: $45.00
    Now: $36.95

    RumbleRoller Original Beastie Ball 2 Pack Spiky Massage Ball Excellent for Working on Troublesome Muscles Beastie Series products expand the RumbleRoller experience to provide more intense…

  • Sombra Natural Massage Creme 1 Gallon


    Sombra Natural Massage Creme 8oz or 1 Gallon This massage creme is a natural and revitalizing way to get a great massage. Features: All-natural ingredients. Contains no silicone, parabens o…

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    Thera-Band Roller Massager + Green Standard

    Was: $50.00
    Now: $39.95

    Thera-Band Roller Massager+Green Standard Innovative tool for myofascial release and deep tissue massage. Its unique ridged design supports both superficial and deep tissue mobilization whi…

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    Thumper Maxi Pro Carrying Case

    Was: $39.00
    Now: $33.00

    The Thumper Maxi Pro Carrying Case is a durable and attractive polyester case. It is custom designed to conveniently carry your Maxi Pro device and comes with an adjustable shoulder str…





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