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Balance Boards

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  • Air BAPS Physical Therapy Board

    Was: $600.00
    Now: $450.00

    Air BAPS Physical Therapy Board The Air BAPS is equipped with a single, non-adjustable pivot point on the bottom as well as a fixed inflatable air bladder, providing users with the best bio…

  • Airex

    Airex Balance Beam


    Airex Balance Beam Developed especially for clinical balance and proprioception exercises. It is based on the shape of a conventional balance beam and used mainly in physiotherapy to regain …

  • Airex

    Airex Balance Pad

    Was: $75.00
    Now: $57.95

    Airex Balance Pad  Great for balance, mobility, standing stability and motor-skill training, this balance pad will improve joint stability through moderate instability. Includes a free …

  • Airex

    Airex Balance Pad Elite

    Was: $65.00
    Now: $64.95

    Airex Balance Pad Elite- Non Skid Top and Bottom AIREX Balance Pad Elite The AIREX Balance Pad Elite has the same dimensions and high quality construction as the original Balance Pad, but in…

  • Airex

    Airex Balance Pad XL

    Was: $170.00
    Now: $151.25

    Airex Balance Pad XL Twice as large as other balance pads, offering more surface area to increase your exercise options. Great for balance, mobility, standing stability and motor-skill train…

  • Bosu

    BOSU Elite Balance Trainer


    BOSU Elite Balance Trainer Unlike its predecessor, the original BOSU Ball, it incorporates: a much firmer dome designed to spring load your body and intensify core exercises, defined traini…

  • Bosu

    BOSU Pro Balance Trainer

    Was: $200.00
    Now: $144.99

    BOSU Pro Balance Trainer Featuring a new, improved design and durability, the Bosu Pro Balance Trainer has a bladder weight of 8 pounds, and a dually over-molded platform for extra strength…

  • Bosu

    Bosu Pro Nexgen Balance Trainer


    Bosu Pro Nexgen Balance Trainer The new, “Next Generation” BOSU® Balance Trainer with textured design is all about functionality. This means being able to use it in the …

  • Bosu

    BOSU Sport Balance Trainer


    BOSU Sport Balance Trainer A sleek, compact design allows for easy transportation and storage, quick positioning of the BOSU® Sport 50cm Balance Trainer fo…

  • Dynatronics

    Dynatronics Balance Platform

    Was: $900.00
    Now: $700.00

    Balance Platform The Balance Platform measures 36 in x 36 in. Bars provide a stable handle during balance exercises. Stainless steel bars vertically adjust from 24 in (h) - 35 in (h). May b…

  • FitterFirst

    Fitterfirst Combo Balance Board

    Was: $150.00
    Now: $129.95

    Fitterfirst Combo Balance Board gives you the option for five different ways to improve balance. This high-quality birch plywood board with interchangeable fulcrums is a low cost option fo…

  • Fitter

    ProFitter 3D Cross Trainer

    Was: $799.00
    Now: $699.95

    PRO FITTER 3D CROSS TRAINER  Challenging, fun and easy to learn! Suitable for all ages and abilities, everyone can see the immediate results of cross training with the Pro Fitter! More…

  • Shuttle Systems Balance Trainer

    $1,295.00 - $1,595.00

    Shuttle Systems Balance Trainer Balance Training Device with Adjustable Suspension Chains, Can Also Incorporate Sitting Protocols, Adjustable Arrestors That Allow Control Range of Perturbati…

  • StrongBoard MINI Balance Board

    MSRP: $300.00

    StrongBoard MINI Balance Board StrongBoard MINI is a state of the art balance board which employs multi-spring technology and offers a full range of motion. The springs compress under applie…





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