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Cubii Jr.

Next level seated elliptical for any home or office. Fully equipped with bluetooth capabilities to connect to the Cubii mobile app and sync to Fitbit and Apple HealthKit. Ships immediately. All colors unavailable in EU.

Key Features:

Workout in Silence

Silence is king. Cubii Pro’s uniquely designed internal flywheel provides a whisper quiet workout experience so you won’t disturb others. Discreetly workout at home or office without drawing attention to yourself.

A Safe Exercise Alternative

For an ideal active sitting experience, Cubii Pro’s patented ergonomic elliptical motion is little to no impact on your knees, making it a safe alternative for individuals who suffer from bone and joint conditions, arthritis or are recovering from injury. Meant to only be used while sitting, workout in your favorite chair without fear of losing your balance or falling.

Winner of 2016 Good Design Award

Aesthetically, there is no competition. Unlike other elliptical machines, Cubii Pro is designed to not be an eyesore. Proper ergonomics was a priority during the design process to prevent your knees from bumping the underside of your desk.

Ideal For Active Sitting

Cubii Pro is a NEAT™-certified product for active sitting. Select from 8 resistance levels and burn an average of 150 calories per hour. As the ONLY bluetooth enabled seated elliptical on the market, connect to the Cubii mobile app to track, compete and share. Sync to Fitbit and Apple HealthKit. Feel more energized and productive without leaving your chair.>


Ergonomic, Low Range of Motion

Conventional Pedal Cycler

Not Ergonomic, High Range of Motion