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  • Spirit Fitness

    AB900 Air Bike Full Commercial

    MSRP: $1,299.00

    The AB900 Air Bike is a classic design of a classic modality. With its dynamic, air-driven resistance system, this air bike is a powerful tool for all types of training situations – fr…

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    Body Sport

    Fusion Fitness Ball

    Was: $14.00
    Now: $9.99

    Fusion Mini Fitness Ball Ideal for isometrics, abdominal work and many other exercise. Inflates w/ included straw. Features: Dimensions: 7.5" x 10". Color: Blue

  • Body Sport

    Neoprene Dumbbells

    $14.95 - $79.95

    Sold In Pairs, Body Sport Neoprene Dumbbells are color-coded in blue, dark blue, green, hot pink, light green, light purple, orange, red and turquoise for easy identification. Weights availa…

  • Proteus

    PAR-5500 Club Series Rower

    MSRP: $1,500.00

    Professional Grade Magnetic & Air generated resistance system provides magnificent tension. Precise and actual figures (Strokes / SPM / Distance & Calories) measured by two sensor al…

  • Sale


    11-Piece Resistance Band Set

    Was: $35.00
    Now: $29.00

    BodyPro 11-Piece Resistance Band Set includes a door anchor and two ankle straps for the widest range of resistance training. Perform a full body workout to strengthen the core and isol…

  • Bodypro

    4 Speed Mini Power Massage Ball


    BodyPro 4 Speed Mini Power Massage Ball Restore sore muscles, increase circulation and break up scar tissue using bodyweight + vibration. Muscle Relief …

  • Thera-Band

    6 Ball Floor Stand


    Featuring steel construction and a small footprint. This 6 ball rack assembles in minutes and comes in both stationary and mobile versions. Dimensions 62 in (w) x 22 in (d) x 62 in (h).…

  • Sale


    A60 Stabilizing Ankle Brace

    Was: $45.00
    Now: $36.00

    Great for Athletes looking to reduce the risk of ankle sprains and rolls Features Incorporates a stabilizer molded at a 60 degree angle to help guard against sprains and prevent rollover…

  • SportsArt

    A901 10 Pair Dumbbell Rack


    SportsArt Free Weight Series combines quality and value in a simple, easy-to-use strength line designed to accommodate users of any fitness or experience. Features Welded steel frame Ho…

  • SportsArt

    A93 Single Stack Functional Trainer


    Single stack efficiency and 1:4 pulley ratio make the A93 Functional Trainer an extremely versatile rehab and conditioning tool for multiple patient types. Comfortable cushions, correct erg…

  • Sale


    Ab Roller Pro

    Was: $40.00
    Now: $34.99

    The BodyPro Ab Roller Professional is an ab wheel with a patented design that improves the effectiveness of ab exercises and helps to engage and strengthen muscles in the back, chest, arms, …

  • Acuball

    Acuball Heatable Massage Ball

    MSRP: $30.00

    Dr. Cohen's Acuball Heatable Massage Ball The AcuBall’s patented design features apply 100% natural acupressure and heat: relaxes tight muscles, enhances joint movement, reduces …

  • Sale

    Body Sport

    Aerobic Step

    Was: $140.00
    Now: $129.00

    The Body Sport Aerobic Step is made of tough, textured rubber and is height-adjustable from 6 to 8 to 10 inches. Its non-slip surface and sturdy construction provide stability for the user. …

  • Aeromat

    Aeromat Dual Grip Power Medicine Ball

    $75.00 - $85.00

    Aeromat Dual Grip Power Medicine Balls are patented rubber-covered handle design. Dual grips provide versatility for more function and core training. Not designed for bouncing exercises. Gre…

  • Aeromat

    AeroMat EcoWise Fitness Mat - Black


    Features EcoWise TPE (thermo plastic elastomer) closed-cell foam material. Environmentally friendly. Latex-, PVC- and chloride-free. High-density, soft foam with durable textured surfa…





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