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  • FFitTech

    RUN T-100 Treadmill Run

    MSRP: $5,225.00

    FFITTECH Run-T100 Treadmill The Treadmill RUN-T100 offers users a friendly and comfortable workout experience whilst boasting a sleek modern design. With running and walking being the …

  • Thera-Band

    6 Ball Floor Stand


    Featuring steel construction and a small footprint. This 6 ball rack assembles in minutes and comes in both stationary and mobile versions. 62 in (w) x 22 in (d) x 62 in (h).

  • Acu-Point 17-Piece Cupping Set with Magnets


    Acu-Point 17-Piece Cupping Set with Magnets Set of 17 plastic cups, magnetic cup inserts (for applying mild acupressure while cupping), and pistol grip pump, all in a carrying case. The…

  • Acuball Heatable Massage Ball


    Dr. Cohen's Acuball Heatable Massage Ball The acuBall’s patented design features apply 100% natural acupressure and heat: relaxes tight muscles, enhances joint movement, reduces …

  • Aeromat

    Aeromat Elite/Yoga Pilates Mat

    Was: $35.00
    Now: $29.95

    Elite Yoga AeroMat Made of Phthalates free PVC closed-cell foam Sticky surface with built-in mesh, anti-stretch 1/8 in (thick) x 24 in (w) x 68 in (l) Available in Blue, Purple and R…

  • Aeromat

    Aeromat Essential Workout Fitness Mat

    Was: $50.00
    Now: $42.95

    Aeromat Essential Workout Fitness Mat with Eyelets Tired of a messy pile of workout mats stuck together on the floor? Durability and safety are standard for Aeromat, but the Aeromat Workout…

  • Aeromat

    Aeromat Kettlebell Ball Rack


    Kettlebell Medicine Ball Rack Features Some easy assembly required. Rubber base on trays to protect your kettlebells and medicine balls while reducing noise. Made of durable yet ligh…

  • Aeromat Medicine Ball Rack


    Kettlebell Medicine Ball Rack Features Easy assembly required. Rubber base on trays to protect your kettlebells and medicine balls while reducing noise. Made of durable yet lightweigh…

  • Air BAPS Physical Therapy Board

    Was: $600.00
    Now: $450.00

    Air BAPS Physical Therapy Board The Air BAPS is equipped with a single, non-adjustable pivot point on the bottom as well as a fixed inflatable air bladder, providing users with the best bio…

  • AirCast

    AirCast Pneumatic ArmBand

    Was: $18.00
    Now: $13.95

    AirCast Pneumatic ArmBand for Tennis Elbow #1 Choice for Relief of Tennis Elbow Pain - Put a firm grip back on your tennis racket with less pain. The AirCast Pneumatic Arm Band, Ideal for R…

  • AirCast

    Aircast Sport-Stirrup Ankle Brace

    Was: $40.00
    Now: $32.99

    Aircast Sport-Stirrup Ankle Brace  Ideal for the Athlete looking for additional ankle support while recovering from an injury. The AirCast Sport-Stirrup Ankle Brace features an anatomi…

  • Airex

    Airex Atlas Physical Therapy Mat

    Was: $396.00
    Now: $272.00

    Airex Atlas Physical Therapy Mat  The Atlas mat is highly valued by physiotherapists, hydrotherapists and in recreational sports. In physiotherapy, it offers plenty of space and outsta…

  • Airex

    Airex Balance Beam


    Airex Balance Beam Developed especially for clinical balance and proprioception exercises. It is based on the shape of a conventional balance beam and used mainly in physiotherapy to regain …

  • Airex

    Airex Balance Pad

    Was: $75.00
    Now: $57.95

    Airex Balance Pad  Great for balance, mobility, standing stability and motor-skill training, this balance pad will improve joint stability through moderate instability. Includes a free …

  • Airex

    Airex Balance Pad Elite

    Was: $65.00
    Now: $64.95

    Airex Balance Pad Elite- Non Skid Top and Bottom AIREX Balance Pad Elite The AIREX Balance Pad Elite has the same dimensions and high quality construction as the original Balance Pad, but in…





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