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  • Body Sport

    Fusion Fitness Ball

    Was: $14.00
    Now: $9.99

    Fusion Mini Fitness Ball Ideal for isometrics, abdominal work and many other exercise. Inflates w/ included straw. Features: Dimensions: 7.5" x 10". Color: Blue

  • Body Sport

    Body Sport Ab Wheel


    Body Sport Ab Wheel Builds abdominals, shoulders, arms, and entire back. Contoured hard plastic handles provide a secure grip and prevent slipping. Wobble free non-slip wheels promote stabi…

  • Body Sport Bulk Exercise Bands - 50 yd. Roll Body Sport Bulk Exercise Bands provide progressive resistance training workouts by combining range of motion, stretching and flexing to improve …

  • Body Sport

    Body Sport Deluxe Exercise Mat


    Body Sport Deluxe Exercise Mat  Features Double-sided multifunctional exercise mat with firm support ideal for commercial and home use. Thick cushioning with non-slip surface. Non…

  • Body Sport

    Body Sport Double Grip Medicine Ball

    $44.95 - $92.95

    Body Sport Double Grip Medicine Ball  Double Grip Fabulous Medicine Balls Body Sport Double Grip Medicine Balls enhance strength and build endurance by isolating specific muscle g…

  • Body Sport

    Body Sport Dumbbell Rack


    Body Sport Dumbbell Rack Body Sport Dumbbell Rack is a portable racking system that vertically holds a variety of vinyl or neoprene-coated dumbbells in a compact, stable and affordable…

  • Body Sport

    Body Sport Equipment Mat

    MSRP: $40.00

    Body Sport Equipment Mat Perfect for treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines and more. Reduces vibrations and noises caused by fitness equipment. Protects your floor surface from da…

  • Body Sport

    Body Sport Exercise Band 6 Yard Roll

    $10.99 - $19.99

    Body Sport Exercise Band 6 Yard Roll Available in Six color-coded levels of resistance. Proper use of these systems for resistance exercise provides both positive and negative force on the …

  • Body Sport

    Body Sport Kettlebell Rack

    Was: $280.00
    Now: $249.99

    Clean Lines and a Sleek Modern Look With clean lines and a sleek modern look, the Body Sport Kettlebell Rack will spruce up any gym by keeping things organized and under control. The space-…

  • Body Sport

    Body Sport Landmine

    Was: $240.00
    Now: $209.99

    The Premiere ground-based rotational training device Landmine exercises have become increasingly popular in recent years. The Body Sport Landmine is one of the premiere ground-based rotatio…

  • Body Sport

    Body Sport Medicine Ball

    $21.95 - $79.99

    Body Sport Medicine Ball A Fresh Spin on Core & Torso Strength Training A complete workout for your core and your torso, two of the most crucial areas in the human muscular system. The…

  • Body Sport

    Body Sport Medicine Ball Rack

    Was: $70.00
    Now: $59.00

    Body Sport Medicine Ball Rack Made from durable metal. Designed to store and organize up to 5 medicine balls. Lightweight and easy to assemble. Features Made of durable metal. Stores u…