TRX Suspension Training Exercises and Their Benefits

TRX Suspension Training Exercises and Their Benefits - SourceFitness

Benefits Of Suspension Training

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have most likely heard of TRX bands. Created by Navy Seal Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick to help stay fit anywhere in the world, Suspension Training has quickly become an international phenomenon and for good reason. TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise and is a workout designed to use your body weight along with gravity for resistance to build total body strength, increase coordination, flexibility, and balance, along with improving core and joint stability.  

Suspension Training Equipment can be found in just about any fitness studio, with many gyms offering TRX specific fitness classes. So, is it worth all the hype? We think so!

And here’s why…

They Can Be Used For All Fitness Levels

Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or are an avid gym junkie, there is a TRX exercise for you. In fact, TRX training is based on 7 simple moves that can be simplified or amplified by adjusting the straps or range of motion, making it an incredibly versatile fitness tool ideal for just about anyone with any fitness goals.

The foundation of TRX Suspension Training is based off of 7 simple moves:

  1. Push
  2. Pull
  3. Plank
  4. Rotate
  5. Hinge
  6. Lunge
  7. Squat

Can you do a lunge, squat or plank? Then you can use a TRX band!

They Can Be Used Anywhere

TRX Straps Used Outdoors

TRX bands were literally designed to be used anywhere. The bands can be folded up to fit in a small bag so they are easily used no matter where you are or where you’re going. There are also different mounting options depending if you’re working out at home and need it mounted directly to the wall or you’re using it on the road and looking for a door mount that can be taken with you. This means that you will never have to compromise your workouts when traveling or quarantined in the house.

They Engage All Of Your Muscles

TRX training takes regular exercises that we all know and steps them up a notch by using suspension training. Because you are always suspended in some way, your entire body - especially your core - will be engaged no matter what part of the body you’re actually focusing on in the moment. This is arguably the biggest benefit of suspension training and what makes it such a well-rounded fitness tool that targets multiple areas with every exercise.

They Are Low Impact

While there are definitely ways to amp up workouts with TRX bands that can include jumping or other higher impact moves, there are just as many variations that require no jumping at all. Infact, suspension training is a great option for anyone looking to gently build strength in areas prone to injury. There are also many TRX exercises that are also great for preventing or rehabbing certain injuries, such as shoulders

Here are our 5 Favorite Suspension Training Moves for Beginners and Experts Alike:

One of the most important things to remember when performing any suspension training exercise is to always keep your core engaged. You also want to make sure you keep your entire body aligned from your shoulders all the way down to your feet. This will help both prevent injury and help you get the most out of your workouts.

  1. Low Row

Women Using TRX Straps in Studio

Stand facing the anchor point. Start off with your elbows bent at 90 degrees and the handles by your rib cage. With your core engaged, slowly straighten your arms to lower your body, keeping your body in full alignment and return to the start by bending the elbows. Repeat.

  1. Plank

Portable Gym with TRX Straps

Begin by lying on your stomach facing away from the anchor point with the straps positioned midway up your calf. Place your toes into the foot cradles. Drive your heels back into the handles, squeezing your calves, quads, glutes, hamstrings and core, then press up into a plank position. Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute or as long as you are able.

  1. Chest Press

Woman doing Chest Press with TRX

Hold the TRX handles in front of you. Keep your core engaged as you lean your weight into the handles, keeping your hips, shoulders, knees and ankles aligned. Push back to start, then repeat motion.

  1. Squat

Man Using TRX straps for Squatting

Stack your elbows directly under shoulders creating a 90 degree angle with your arms and your feet hip width apart. Lower your hips down and back as if you were sitting down into a chair, keeping your weight in your heels. Press down through your heels, squeeze glutes and lift your chest, keeping your back straight and your core engaged.

  1. Lunge

TRX Straps Lunge

Stand facing the anchor point with your legs slightly wider than hips width, and feet facing forward. Place your right foot into the handles with your toes facing down. Drop your left hip down and back over your left heel as low as you are able, making sure to keep your front knee positioned behind your toes. Press back up through your leg. Repeat. You can also do alternating lunges by repeating the exercise on both sides.

TRX Equipment Options

TRX Pro 4 Suspension Training Kit

TRX Pro 4 Suspension Training Kit

TRX Pro 4 System is one of the most advanced and versatile Suspension Trainer systems on the market. It features adjustable foot cradles, upgraded webbing and Microban-treated antimicrobial, textured rubber handles. This set includes all of the bands needed to perform any TRX workout, along with a door anchor to take with you wherever you’re working out.

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BodyPro Advanced Suspension Training Kit

We understand that that TRX equipment can be a bit on an investment. While the original TRX Training System is absolutely worth the investment, there are many similar equipment options on the market such as the BodyPro Advanced Suspension Training Kit that work just as well for a fraction of the cost. This set includes all of the same brands and straps you would receive with the standard TRX kit, as well as a convenient door mount.

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When performed properly, Suspension Training is a highly effective way to increase overall body and cardiovascular strength, improve balance and flexibility, and get a killer calorie burning workout. Even better, it can travel with you wherever you go… you can’t beat that!