Top 5 Pieces of Cardio Equipment

Top 5 Pieces of Cardio Equipment - SourceFitness


The Best Cardio Equipment For Your Home


Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just starting a more active lifestyle, cardio is where you’ll most likely begin your journey. Because of the many health benefits of cardio exercise and the endless possibilities, you might want to invest in equipment. But, with the many choices in the market, which one is the best? Today, we’ll run you through our top 5 picks, what we love about them, and why we think they actually work.


Let’s start off with the basic Treadmill. This is one of the easiest cardio equipment available. Because of the treadmill’s flat and predictable surface, you will have no trouble starting your fitness journey. In addition, if you have no idea what workout to start with, a variety of preset workouts are available and will surely help kickoff your workout. Lastly, it is easily modifiable as you achieve your fitness goals.


If you’re looking for a knee friendly equipment, the spin bike provides you an effective yet low impact workout. The spin bike has a unique road bike-like shape and adjustable seats that are good for posture to improve your performance while toning different muscle groups. The spin bike does not only help with weight loss but also build strength and tone your entire body with fewer injuries.


If sitting on a spin bike is not for you, then the elliptical might just be the one for you. The elliptical provides an easy motion that can give you a sense of security while you workout. The elliptical also has handles that make you pump your arms giving you an upper body workout. Similar to the spin bike, the elliptical is also an effective yet low impact workout.


Cardio exercises could be boring, and if that’s what you think then a rower is perfect. Rowing has the same cardiovascular benefits that will keep your heart and lungs healthy. It works all your major muscle groups providing both your upper and lower body a workout. It provides a broader range of motion through the continuous pull and push motion. This provides resistance in two directions and helps in improving the flexibility of your body and improves your stamina. This will help you burn more calories in less time.


Want to start a fitness routine but lack space? Try plyometric boxes! Their compact enough for easy storage which is why we love them! One of our favorite workouts is box jumps that provide the cardiovascular intensity demands of your body. If box jumps are a little too intense, you can also do some step ups or even tricep dips to work your arms. You can definitely get a full body workout from using a plyo box in different ways.

Cardiovascular exercises are essential for living a healthier life. This type of exercise promotes healthier lungs and improve blood flow throughout your body. While we understand that investing in equipment may be overwhelming given the variety of choices, we think that finding one that will suit your needs is possible. We highly recommend not giving in to what’s on trend but, really finding one that you’ll commit to and include in your daily routine. After all, what’s another $2,000 best-in-class equipment if you’re not actually using it?