Staying Safe! 10 Treadmill Running Tips to Know. Learn more

Staying Safe! 10 Treadmill Running Tips to Know. Learn more - SourceFitness

Staying Safe! 10 Treadmill Running Tips to Know

Treadmills are as ubiquitous in American homes nowadays as are yoga mats, and dumbbells. As soon as the fitness craze hits you, the first thing you might do is run in the direction of a treadmill.

But did you know that if you don't follow the right treadmill running tips, there is a high chance you might end up with an injury? In fact, in 2014 alone, 24,400 injuries required a visit to the ER, due to improper treadmill usage.

It isn't only important for you to keep your children and pets away from the treadmill, as they are more vulnerable to injuries with treadmills, but also for you to take care while you use this fitness equipment.

Did you know that treadmills were used as a way of punishing inmates in 19th century British workhouses? Weird, right? Thankfully, these are no longer used to punish people, but to make them fitter, and healthier.

Read on for some useful treadmill safety tips.

1. Face Forward When Running or Walking on the Treadmill

You've probably seen those TikTok or Instagram videos where dancers or gymnasts walk backward on the treadmill or perform acrobatics while walking on one. They might be able to do such feats of athleticism, but it's better if you keep things simple.

Face forward when using the treadmill. Do not look around - the narrow path of a treadmill is confusing to people who are used to running or walking outside. A single misstep and you will fall off the treadmill faster than you can say 'Bazinga'.

2. Avoid Playing With Your Phone When on Your Treadmill

Maybe you've seen those folks who are playing Clash of Clans or Candy Crush on their smartphone while walking on a treadmill. Again, that's quite dangerous, as it's quite easy to lose your balance on a treadmill.

Avoid distractions as much as possible. If you are using your smart device for music, do it carefully and while the treadmill is at a standstill. Don't fiddle around with it, while you are running.

3. Allow Lots of Space Behind Your Treadmill

One of the main reasons people get injured on a treadmill is because they don't leave enough space behind the treadmill. Please leave at least 4 feet of space behind your treadmill, so you stay safe.

4. When You Start the Treadmill, Stand on the Sidebars, Not the Belt

The primary rule of treadmill safety is to stand on the sidebars when you are starting up a treadmill. You might press the wrong button and start the treadmill off at a whiz speed that could unbalance you. Start slow and go steady.

5. Use the Safety Key

A list of treadmill running tips wouldn't be complete without talking about the safety key. Most people think of it as a decoration piece on the treadmill, and never even think about using it. But it's there for a reason. Use it and stay safe.

When the safety key is on the treadmill, it keeps the current running and activates the treadmill functions. But if you fall or if you are out of breath, you can easily pull out the safety key and instantaneously stop the treadmill, thus, avoiding injuries.

6. Try Not to Exercise on the Treadmill While Home Alone

What if you are home alone and you get a sudden urge to run a marathon on your treadmill? Well, avoid this urge, or make sure you let someone know that you are running on the treadmill, and to check up on you in an hour or so.

You don't want to get injured on a treadmill and have no one to call for help.

7. Exercise Within Your Limits

The World Health Organization recommends that adults do at least 75 minutes of aerobic exercise, like running, swimming, or rowing, a week. A treadmill will help you get to that goal.

But if you haven't exercised in a while, or if you are beginning a new exercise regime, then it's better if you stay within your limits and build up slowly.

It's never a good idea to start running at your max, especially if it's been a while since you exercised aerobically. Take care and don't overextend your body.

8. Be Aware Whenever You Are Using a New Treadmill in a New Setting

Different treadmills have different settings and feel different to the user. If you are used to using a treadmill at home, and you are trying out a new treadmill at your gym, be careful at first. Until you get used to the new treadmill, take it easy.

9. Always Talk to a Doctor Before Starting a New Exercise Regime

If you have any health problems at all, please talk to your doctor before starting on a treadmill. Running on a treadmill is strenuous for the body and might be too much for you, especially if you have been through a severe illness or a major surgery.

Always consult a health practitioner first and follow their advice to a T. Don't take risks with your health in the name of fitness.

10. Wear Appropriate Footwear When Using the Treadmill

Stay safe on a treadmill by wearing sneakers that fit well. Do not wear slippers or sandals, or something that you could slip out of while walking or running on a treadmill. There's a reason why running footwear is so specifically designed.

When running on the treadmill, wearing appropriate shoes will also avoid treadmill burn caused due to friction, which happens if you run or walk barefoot on it.

Treadmill Running Tips Are Useless if You Don't Follow Them

Everyone knows all these treadmill running tips, but very few people follow them to a T.

If you wish to stay safe on a treadmill, stay alert, focused, and avoid distractions. Follow these tips and avoid injuries, so you can live a healthy life for a long time to come.

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