How to Make Your Favorite Meal Healthier

How to Make Your Favorite Meal Healthier - SourceFitness

Easy Changes That Make Your Meals Healthier

Truth is we all love to eat unhealthy but hate how it affects our bodies. We found some workarounds for this daily dilemma so that you can enjoy your food and feel good about it. Now you don’t need to avoid all unhealthy foods to stay healthy. Here are some tips on how you can modify your foods.

Bake Your Food

There are plenty of cooking methods that may taste great, who doesn’t love fried food? No one we all love it but it may not be the best for us. A great alternative is baking your food. Baked foods have a lower fat content due to the fact that the way your food is being heated. When heated your food most commonly meat, releases natural fat or energy. This means there is less fat content to consume. Baking your food is known for enhancing food’s flavor and reduces cooking time.

Add Fruits and Vegetables

According to research, consumers eat little to no vegetables during their meals. Today our prime food go tos are meat, carbs and cheese. Do not forget the cheese. In the year of 2017 the most stolen food was cheese. Why not steal a cantaloupe or a bag of apples? Because the fact we know what we like. If you are seeking to make an adjustment in your diet and still eat the things you like all you need is balance. Meaning if you want to make a cheesy spaghetti replace the noodles with zucchini or squash. This counteracts the unhealthy effect of you favorite foods while lessening your carb consumption. For those of you that are sweet tooth's, fruits are a great way to sweeten up your favorites like baked goods and ice cream. Adding fruit gives fresh and tasty aspect to any dessert. Chocolate covered strawberries are a great example of indulgence on a calorie budget. Don’t overload your body with sugars that are bad for you, the best sweets are the natural ones.

Everything is Good in Moderation

If you love unhealthy food but cannot stand the weight gain the fatigue and all the other not so great things that follow, remember the phrase everything is good in moderation. Today we supersize everything, why? To see how much we can fit in our stomach? Because the foods just that good? Ok, that one may be true; but try smaller portions of your favorite foods. If you want to eat something sweet everyday eat a little each day.