How to Take the Dread Out of the Treadmill

How to Take the Dread Out of the Treadmill - SourceFitness

Easy Ways To Make Running On The Treadmill More Fun

We all dread it, yes we feel you! But we also know that we need a little cardio in our lives! Here are three tips to help you run the mill better, faster, and stronger without dreading it!

Entertain Yourself

Whether it’s creating the perfect playlist or watching your favorite series. This trick will surely help that 30 minutes go by faster than bad news! One of our favorite playlists on Spotify is the fun run playlist which will keep you running faster through the tempo but, hey be careful! Don’t say we didn’t warn you, try not to dance while you’re on the mill! We also love Run tempo on Prime Music! What’s on your playlist?

Stay Hydrated

We love running on the treadmill as opposed to the outdoors. One, because we don’t have to run under the burning heat of the sun and two (maybe the best one) we can always take a sip of our ice cold water whenever we feel like it. And yes, you should probably do too! Similar to drinking water when you feel hungry, you should probably drink water when you feel like you’re too tired to function. Staying hydrated will keep you longer on the mill than you think!

Play it Up!

Let’s admit it! 15 minutes in and you’re just tired of running on that mill. Yup, you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel! It doesn’t have to be that way! Try some HIIT workouts which will give you variety in speed every minute on the minute. This will not only help in endurance training but it will also make that 15 minutes go by like a minute. Try increasing your incline between sets too, this way you’ll have some variety in your workout and give your booty a little lift as well.

After trying these three tips, don’t forget to play it up and try new things that fit your needs!