6 Things You Need to Create Your Home Gym on a Budget

6 Things You Need to Create Your Home Gym on a Budget - SourceFitness

Building A Home Gym On A Budget

We are living in an interesting period where we are spending the vast majority of our time at home. We’re working from home, we’re eating all of our meals at home, and we’re exercising at home. While all of these things naturally take some getting used to, working out from home seems to be a tricky business. Most of us are used to having access to our favorite fitness studios with ample gym equipment and resources to complete any workout we desire but are now suddenly left with just the bare minimum that we have at home.

It’s ok, we have good news: you can still get a great workout at home. We have gathered a list of all the simple, affordable fitness equipment you need to get a gym quality workout in the comfort of your home. Best of all, these items won’t take up your entire living room and are all under $30.

1. Jump Rope

Padded Handle Jump Rope

Aside from being an incredible cardiovascular workout, the benefits jumping rope range from improving coordination, to burning major calories, and may even increase bone density.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, jumping rope can improve your heart and lung health when performed three to five times per week for just 12 to 20 minutes at a time. All in all, jumping rope in an inexpensive way to get a great cardio workout that can be done just about anywhere.

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2. Dumbbells


Dumbbells are a wonderful option when you are looking to add to your at-home fitness equipment. They are small, easy to store, and provide incredible strength training and metabolic conditioning benefits. They make a great addition to virtually any workout, so we recommend grabbing yourself a few different weight options.

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3. Medicine Ball

BodyPro Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are great accessories for amplifying your core and ab workouts.They are ideal for any sport or workout goal, combining strength training, cardio, flexibility, and dynamic muscle training all in one workout. Use at home alone or toss back and forth with a partner to fire up your arms and core, while improving coordination and body-balance.

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4. Kettlebells


Similar to dumbbells and medicine balls, kettlebells are a wonderful multipurpose workout tool that can be used in many different ways. They are a great addition to squats, lunges, presses, and of course kettlebell swings. Because they are designed with an uneven distribution of weight, they challenge your body to work harder to balance and stabilize which increases overall core strength and coordination.

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5. Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

We love resistance bands. Why? Because they are incredibly versatile and travel friendly. Plus, you don’t need to be a fitness guru to know how to use them. They are a wonderful add on to most exercises you are already familiar with and come in various shapes and sizes making them perfect for any fitness level.

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6. Yoga and Fitness Mat

Yoga and Fitness Mat

Yoga mats are not just for yoga! They are helpful in providing an extra layer of protection between you and hard floor surfaces during all forms of exercises. They can be used for anything from ab workouts to strength training to pilates. Mats are also useful for beginners who may need to modify certain exercises, such as performing push ups on your knees, or for those who experience joint pain.

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There you have it! All you need for a simple, effective home workout that won’t break the bank. Looking for an even better bang for your buck? Check out our Fitness Packages that include everything from yoga mats to resistance bands all in one convenient bundle.