Ultimate 2020 Fitness Holiday Gift Guide

Ultimate 2020 Fitness Holiday Gift Guide - SourceFitness

Your Fitness Holiday Gift Guide

It seems that everyone is getting a start to their holiday shopping early this year! I guess we could all use a little extra holiday spirit, after all it has been a rough year for many of us. You would think getting a head start on holiday shopping would make it less stressful, and while it does take a bit of the edge off… it’s still stressful! Trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list is no easy task under normal circumstances, but we are still experiencing high numbers of positive coronavirus cases daily in the United States which complicates the shopping process even more. 

During the COVID 19 pandemic, more and more people have been taking their fitness out of the gym and into their homes or even outside in an effort to reduce their potential exposure to the virus. This shift in how people are working out has caused many to be needing extra fitness equipment that they may not want to buy themselves, but makes great gifts!

From the gym junkie to the serene yogi, we have curated the ultimate 2020 COVID 19 holiday gift guide to help you reduce your stress and help your loved ones get any incredible workout no matter where they are. Whether you are looking for a big or small gift, we have the perfect gift ideas for the fitness lovers in your life.


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Gifts For Recovery:

Body Pro Vibrating Massage Ball

Gift a Power Massage Ball

The Body Vibrating Massage Ball is small in size but powered by 3-levels of vibration intensity, you are able to experience the same deep tissue massage you would receive from your physical therapist or athletic trainer with the added power of vibration which helps increase circulation.

Get it here for $39.00

Body Pro Percussion Massage Gun

The BodyPro Percussive Massager

The gift that would make anyone on your list jump for joy, the Body Pro Percussion Massage Gun is a cordless, light-weight, quiet, powerful vibration massage device that relieves muscle stiffness and soreness, increases circulation and range of motion, and improves the overall health of the body's soft tissue. Featuring a lightweight design and 105 degree tilt handle for easy reach, the Body Pro Massage Gun makes the perfect gift for any fitness junkie.

Get it here for $169.00

BodyPro Mini Massage Gun

BodyPro Mini Percussive Massager with Attachments

Great for travel or those who have limited storage space, the BodyPro Mini Massage Gun provides many of the same benefits of it’s larger version, but in an easy to store or bring with you, compact form! It features four speeds, four head attachments and weighs in at only 1 lb making it great for your on the go friends and family.

Get it here for $89.00

CBD Muscle and Joint Stick

Nanocraft CBD Pain Stick

For many of us, chronic aches and pains are a daily reality, especially those who regularly participate in intense workouts. CBD has been shown to have a positive effect on muscle recovery as well as reducing chronic aches and pains. This Nanocraft Pain and Muscle Stick combines the power of CBD with healing herbs and essential oils to promote a fast recovery between workouts and reduce joint pain.

Get it here for $59.00

Gift To Complete Your Home Gym

BodyPro Suspension Training Kit

BodyPro Suspension Training Kit

The perfect gift for a gym junkie who isn’t able to make it to the gym during the pandemic, the BodyPro Suspension Training kit allows you to complete endless body weight exercises from home, outside, or on the road! Featuring a door anchor and easy storage bag, this suspension training kit is more affordable than others like it on the market, but provides the same high quality body weight workout!

Get it here for $59.00

Loop Resistance Bands Set

Loop Resistance Band Set

An excellent addition to any home gym, resistance bands are a great tool for strength training as well as rehabilitation training exercises. With endless workout options, resistance bands make a thoughtful gift for any fitness minded loved one!

Get the set here for $13.95

Loop Fabric Booty Bands

3 Booty Resistance Bands

With 3 different levels of resistance, this booty resistance band set targets the thighs and glutes for an intense, booty building workout. The best part of this set is that each band is the same size giving you full range of motion with varied levels of resistance.

Get the set here for $21.95

Ab Roller

BodyPro Ab Roller

The king of all ab rollers, BodyPro Ab Roller features a unique design that improves the effectiveness of ab exercises while also engaging the back, chest, arms, and core muscles. Most traditional ab rollers feature flat wheels limiting movement, however the BodyPro Ab Roller is designed with wide, spherical wheels to allow for a larger range of motion including right to left to strengthen the deep core muscles that stabilize the pelvis and spine.

Get it here for $36.99


BodyPro Vinyl Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a must for any home gym. No matter what your fitness goals are, dumbbells can help you get there. We love these BodyPro Vinyl Dumbbells for their cushioned feel and neoprene covering. They are comfortable to use and easy to sanitize. These dumbbells are also latex free!

Get a set here for $15.49.

Jump Rope

Speed Jump Rope

The simplest piece of cardio equipment around, we love jump ropes for their versatility, effectiveness, and their compact size! Whether you are buying for someone who loves to keep up their fitness routine while traveling, or for a loved one who has limited space in their home for a gym, this Body Pro Speed Jump Rope makes a great, affordable gift for anyone on your holiday list this year.

Get it here for $14.95.

Resistance Tubes

Resistance Tubes

Similar to loop resistance bands, these Resistance Tubes come in an 11 piece set with hands and door anchor attachments. Featuring five different levels of resistance and endless exercise options, these resistance tubes make the perfect gift for anyone looking to build muscle strength or anyone in rehabbing an injury!

Get the set here for $29.95.

Pull Up Assist Bands

Pull Up Assist Bands

Durable and built to last, these BodyPro Pullup Assist Bands are made of natural latex and offer various levels of resistance. More than just pullup bands, these can be used to add resistances to bench press, pushups, squats, Olympic lifts, or just used as regular resistance bands! Their versatility and endless exercise applications make them a fitness gift anyone would love.

Get it here for $7.95

Whether you are shopping big or small this year, there is a gift for any fitness lover on your list. Mix and match all of these gifts to save big this year on our Black Friday Sale! Knock out all of your holiday shopping and save up to 30% when you spend $100 or more on gifts for your friends, family, or yourself!

Having trouble reaching your goal discount? Check out our selection of Personal Protective Equipment to keep you and your loved ones protected this holiday season.