How to Start Working out at Home During Covid

How to Start Working out at Home During Covid - SourceFitness

Working Out At Home During The Pandemic

Everyone knows that the gym isn't the safest place to be nowadays. Although many facilities are making strides to keep the environment clean, it's still not enough.

Not to mention, the mask mandate that some gyms are enforcing makes working out dreadful. It's difficult to breathe in a face covering without being physically active, it's even more exhausting to try and work out in one. Although exercising in a mask is completely doable for some, others aren't too thrilled with the idea.

Thankfully, you don't need a membership to a fancy workout facility to keep your body in shape. To learn how to start working out at home, incorporate these basic movements into your regimen:

1. Squats

Squats are a classic workout move that gets your glutes and legs burning. Stand shoulder-width apart and bend down as if you're trying to sit in a chair, then come back up.

As you go back into a standing position, squeeze your buttocks so that it gets a firm shape. Do a rep of 10 squats for three rounds.

2. Sit-ups

You have to keep your abs looking good, right? To do so, there are several tummy workouts that you can perform.

Scissor kicks are effective for working the lower abdomen. Lay on your back and lift your legs slightly off the floor while moving them up and down in a scissor-like motion.

3. Superman

The Superman is a great move for stretching and working your lower back. Lay on your stomach and simultaneously raise your arms and legs off of the floor.

Hold for the pose five seconds and release. Repeat that several times.

4. Standing Leg Raise

Standing leg raises will have your hips and love handles on fire. Stand with your hands on your hips and lift one of your legs out to the side while keeping the other leg and the rest of your body stationary. Then, switch to the other leg. Do 10 to 15 raises on each leg for three rounds.

5. Push-ups

Woman doing Push-Ups

Push-ups might seem like a basic exercise but they work like a charm, they're great for strengthening your arms and chest. Lay down and let your toes and hands prop you off the floor.

Once you're on all fours and laying down, use your arms to push your bodyweight back up. If this version of a push up is too difficult, you can always modify it.

Instead of propping up on your toes, drop your knees and let them rest on the floor. Repeat this exercise as directed above.

How to Start Working Out at Home

For some people, doing a home workout seems impossible. Your house is the place where you chill and relax. Well, that's how things were once upon a time. Now, thanks to COVID, your house is where you exercise too.

Can you lose weight working out at home? Absolutely! Here's what you'll need:

Cardio Equipment

Man Running On Home Treadmill

Cardio is one of the best options for getting in a good home workout. The great thing is that if you get a treadmill or an elliptical, it doesn't take up much space.

You can have state-of-the-art equipment in your home that's just like the machines at the gym. Plus, it's perfect for burning calories while keeping yourself occupied. Set the machine up in front of the TV and watch your favorite show while you sweat.

Strength Training

It's totally possible to maintain your physique during the COVID pandemic. Who says you need a workout facility to pump iron and keep your muscles strong?

You can set it up in your garage, basement, or anywhere you have space. You won't miss a beat.

Free Weights

If you don't have room for a strength training set or a cardio machine, that's okay. Free weight dumbbells work too. You can do reps with the weights and squats with kettlebells.

For cardio, walk around your neighborhood, go to the park, or do an exercise video. Then come back and work your muscles with the dumbbells.

Resistance Training

Woman using Resistance Bands

If you like to have a toned figure, resistance training is key. You can use resistance bands to strengthen your muscles and incorporate them into your pilates or yoga routine.

Again, even if you don’t have a lot of space, it's still possible to have an effective home workout. Just by standing in your living room while using resistance tubes, you'll work up a good sweat. It’s that easy.


Most gyms have hydromassage tables, saunas, and other tools that help you recover after a workout. Believe it or not, you can have that at home too. Massage guns and massage balls are excellent for loosening tight muscles and relieving aches and pains.

Post Workout Recovery

Sometimes your body needs to recover, so it's important to have items on hand for just that. Cold wraps and foam rollers are excellent for helping sore muscles feel better. Also, knee and wrist braces are a must. You never know when you'll have a sprain and need them.

A Home Gym Made Easy

You may never want to go back to the gym after discovering how to start working out at home. If you need equipment or other workout accessories, Source Fitness has you covered.

We have a variety of items for cardio, strength training, and resistance training. Plus, other products to help with your home workouts.

If you have any questions for us feel free to call us at 866-425-3209, or email us at and someone will get back to you shortly.

We're dedicated to helping you stay in shape!