Best Fitness Apps To Start A Fitness Routine

Best Fitness Apps To Start A Fitness Routine - SourceFitness

The Best Fitness Apps

Committing to a healthier lifestyle takes a lot of perseverance. So, we decided to wrap up all our favorite fitness apps to help keep you motivated and finish the year healthier and stronger.


Studios are one of the best ways to enjoy a workout! An awesome playlist coupled with a coach who motivates you as you go, you definitely can’t go wrong. The only problem is, studio classes could get pretty pricey at more than $129/month. Aaptiv gives you that studio workout vibe without breaking the bank. At only $19.99/month, Aaptiv provides a variety of audio-based training guides that will suit your every need. From running to HIIT workouts, you will surely find the perfect workout to jumpstart your fitness journey! Aaptiv combines scientifically effective programming, empathetic trainers, and uplifting music.


If you’re into High-Intensity Interval Training then the Gymboss App is just what you need. The Gymboss Interval Timer app allows you to program interval timers perfect for any workout. Timer sounds, background color, and the number of rounds can be customized depending on your preferences. This will help in identifying work and rest periods within sets. Single and multiple time intervals are possible and you can repeat them as much as you want. The best thing about it? You don’t have to spend a single penny for the app!


Just started doing morning crunches or haven’t started at all? Or maybe you have no idea where to start? The Nike Training Club modifies its in-app workouts depending on your skill level. Whether you’re using free weights or maybe just your bodyweight, the app will always give you something new to try! Don’t like the feeling of working out alone? The app notifies you whenever there are live events near your area as well as a community page where you can workout with other club members! Talk about motivation! This app will surely get you started on your fitness journey!


Do you like working out but just don’t have the time to do an hour of cardio and an hour of strength training? that’s why we love Seven. This app is perfect for days when you just don’t have the time for anything. All it takes is a seven-minute circuit to help jumpstart your day and keep your commitment! It literally takes seven minutes! Of course, there’s no limit to actually repeating the circuits more than once. What’s even better? you get to unlock different workouts not through in-app purchases but through working out consecutively through the week. Now, that’s the carrot everybunny would like!


Now that you have all the workouts down, we can’t forget about nutrition! After all, nutrition makes up 80% of living a healthier lifestyle. One app I always go back to is Myfitness Pal. Whether you’re trying to count your calories or measure your macronutrients, this app has it all for you. You can customize your weight goals and fitness levels to match your daily calorie intake. The food diary also helps keep your macros in check. Adding meals to your diary is as easy as google searching your way through life! Food not found? Don’t fret! Because you can always create a customized meal to have a more precise nutrition information. If these features aren’t enough, you can always upgrade to the premium membership to unlock more customized features.

We know sticking to a healthier lifestyle is easier said than done. Hey, Rome wasn’t built in two days and it takes 21 days to break a habit (stop reaching for that bag of chips). But, do note that it also takes 21 days to get used to a new routine. So download those apps and switch to rolling out your mat instead of scrolling through your phone!